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MHSA / US Bank Sportsmanship Partnership

US Bank has joined forces with the MHSA to advocate good sporting behavior.  MHSA is proud to welcome US Bank as the sponsor of the MHSA's Sportsmanship Program.  Click here for more details.

MHSA / U.S. Bank Resources and Information


MHSA / U.S. Bank Sportsmanship Program

bullet MHSA / U.S. Bank "Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Positive" Posters - Centered on Sportsmanship
bullet MHSA / U.S. Bank Program Introduction Letter
bullet Step for implementing the MHSA / U.S. Bank Local Recognition Medal Program
bullet MHSA / U.S. Bank Local Recognition Medal Program - Criteria to select the recipient
bullet MHSA / U.S. Bank Local Recognition Medal Program - Sample Award Presentations
bullet MHSA / U.S. Bank Super Fan Program
bullet MHSA / U.S. Bank Sportsmanship Announcement
bullet MHSA / U.S. Bank Sportsmanship Poster - 3 R's of Activities
bullet US Bank-3R's Program Ad - black and white
bullet US Bank-3R's Program Ad - Color


MHSA / U.S. Bank Banner Program - NEW

The MHSA/U.S Bank Sportsmanship Banner Program will once again be offered but this year, with U.S. Banks continued generous support, we will be sending every MHSA school a banner to encourage “Good Sports” in your school and community.  We realize that every school works hard to promote good sporting behaviors and, hopefully, this banner will help support each school efforts by being a visible reminder to every coach, player and fan that participate and watch high school sporting events at that venue.


Citizenship Through Sports Alliance

A Parent's Guide to Improving Youth Sports

MHSA Crowd Control Information

MHSA By-Laws and Requirements

PA Announcements, Pre-game Announcements and Reads on Sportsmanship


Sportsmanship Clinic

Just Added to the MHSA Website - The new MHSA / US Bank Sportsmanship Clinic. Click here and follow the appropriate links to view the great information

REMEMBER- MHSA Rules and Regulations Section (28) states -

Member schools are required to have an on site administrator and/or athletic/activities director who have attended and completed an in-service clinic on sportsmanship. On-site personnel are required to complete a renewal every five years.

Positive Sportsmanship Situations
Click Here to submit more positive sportsmanship situation in Montana
  1. St Regis vs. Noxon positive treatment of officials before, during and after the game..........

  2. Power Schools Sportsmanship Assembly format............

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