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Attention:  Coaches!

MHSA sends monthly mailings to high school coaches during the competitive season.  The first mailing is sent via USPS in September.  All other mailings are electronic and will not be sent in hard copy.
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The MHSA sanctions Speech, Debate and Drama competition for member schools in Classes A, B and C.  Speech and Debate competition is sanctioned for Class AA.  The competitive season extends from the first weekend in October and ends in late January, except for NFL members.  The MHSA collaborates with the Montana Forensic Educators Association on various forensic issues.
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Regular Season Schedule

Extemporaneous Topics

Legislative Debate

2015-16 Policy Debate

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Topic  - Visit http://www.speechanddebate.org/topics

Public Forum Debate - Visit http://www.speechanddebate.org/topics

Tournament hosts should send used Impromptu topics to: 

Dee Hallock, Hamilton High School, 327 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton MT  59840; fax: 406.375.6076; or email: hallockd@hsd3.org

2015-2016 PLANNER - This calendar is subject to frequent updates.

This meet planner represents the proposed schedule for the 2015-2016 school year. Meets will be shown in BOLD once they have been confirmed by the school’s administration. 


Rules Committee Postings

The most recent clarifications from the Rules Committee are linked here.

Ballots/Cover Sheets

Post Season Tournaments

   Debate Ballots

bullet Lincoln-Douglas Debate-All Classes
bullet Policy Debate-All Classes
bullet Public Forum Debate-AA & A only
bullet Legislative Debate-AA only


      Class AA Events


      Judges Handbook - AA

      Expository Speaking

      Extemporaneous Speaking

      Impromptu Speaking

      Memorized Public Address

      Dramatic Interp

      Humorous Interp

      Duo Oral Interpretation of Literature

      Original Oratory


      Class A & B-C Events


Judges' Comment Sheet - A & B-C


Judges' Handbook - A & B-C


Expository Speaking

bullet Extemporaneous Speaking
bullet Impromptu Speaking
bullet Memorized Public Address
bullet Oral Interpretation – Humorous/Dramatic
bullet Spontaneous Oral Interpretation - B-C only
bullet Original Oratory
bullet Pantomime
bullet Solo and Duo Acting



2014-15 Post Season Results


2013-14 Post Season Results

Link to past State Tournament Information

MFEA Resources and Handbook
The current MFEA President is Doug McConnaha of Corvallis High School.
His contact information is:

Corvallis High School
PO Box 700
1045 Main Street
Corvallis, MT 59828
Welcome from the President! Please click here to view correspondence from Doug McConnaha.

Click Here for the current MHSA Forensics & Drama Booklet


Miscellaneous Coach Resources from Doug McConnaha

MHSA Forensic and Drama Rules and Regulations

NFHS Speech, Debate & Theatre Association


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