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In 1991-92 six schools were sanctioned by MHSA to play interscholastic soccer culminating in the first state championships for boys and girls. Each succeeding year an increase has been realized in the number of schools competing until there are now two classifications AA and A. Class AA schools participate in an eight-team tournament, while Class A schools sponsor an eight-team playoff bracket allowing home teams to host games each week.

Rules and Forms

Post Season

Important dates - 2015-16 Season

First Practice Day:  Friday, August 14, 2015
*First Day for Competition:
  Friday, August 28, 2015
Class A Playoffs Begin:
  October 12-17, 2015
State Championship Dates:
  October 29-31, 2015

*No individual shall play in any Association soccer contest until he/she has a minimum of ten (10) days of soccer practice of at least one practice session per day on ten different days (no practice permitted on Sunday), prior to the date of the first allowable game.

bullet 2015-16 NHFS Soccer Rule Interpretations
bullet 2014-15 NFHS Soccer Rule Changes
bullet NFHS Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention Statement

NFHS Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion in Sports


A Parents Guide to Concussions in Sports - NFHS

bullet Contact Information for Activities Administrators
bullet MHSA Handbook - Soccer
bullet MHSA Approved Ball Suppliers
bullet 4th Official's Game Log
bullet MHSA Soccer Team Roster - PDF
bullet MHSA Soccer Team Roster - Microsoft Word - users can type directly into this form
bullet Soccer Game Report - PDF
bullet Soccer Game Report  - Microsoft Word template - Word users can type directly into this form
bullet Class AA Soccer Tournament Financial Form - Microsoft Excel template
bullet Soccer Tournament Financial Form
bullet Soccer Tournament Financial Form for Class A
bullet Reducing Brain and Spinal Injuries

Click here to learn how to become a Soccer Official

bullet 2015-2016 Fall Tournament Dates and Locations for Post Season Events

The Class AA Playoff schedule is available here.  State tournament brackets are shown below.

The Class AA State Soccer Tournament will be held in Billings at Amend Park on October 29-31, 2015.


Clinics and Links

Other Information

The 2015-16 MHSA / MOA Rules Clinics  are now online.  The Soccer Rules Clinics must be viewed by all coaches (Head, Assistant and Volunteer) and MOA Officials prior to August 28, 2015 to receive credit. This clinic will remain on-line for the entire season.  Click here and follow the appropriate links to view this clinic.

Montana High School Records Book


Games Wanted / Classified Ads


MHSA Team Champions and History of Soccer

History of Post Season Officials

The MOA office has created a new page on the website for all of the officials who have worked in the post season dating back to the 1970's.  Some information is incomplete,  but if you have this information, please contact Theresa in the MOA office. 

Link to past State Tournament Information

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