NFHS Student Participation Data

OPI Student Participation Data


PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING!  This application allows member schools to submit their extracurricular athletics and activities participation rates in one step for both NFHS (through MHSA) and the Office of Public Instruction.

Every MHSA member school must submit their participation numbers.  This online application allows the counts to be submitted directly to the database, and both MHSA and OPI will utilize the information from a single submission.


  • MHSA uses the figures to complete the National Federation of State High School Association's Participation Survey.

  • OPI utilizes the data in accordance with 20-7-104, MCA.


  1. MHSA School Contacts will receive an email in late April.  The email identifies each school contact's username and gives instructions on acquiring a password.

  2. MHSA School Contacts should complete the tabs marked "Athletics" and "Activities".  Completion of the "Organizations" tab will be addressed through other OPI users.

  3. On or before May 15th, the school contact, using the assigned username and password to logon, submits the participation numbers using the application.



Click Here to view the User Guide and  become familiar with the process.

Click Here to access the login page for the data submission application.

Don't know your username?

Can't find your email link?

Need assistance?


Contact Jo Austin at MHSA

406-442-6010 (office)

406-461-4415 (cell)


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