Aim Higher Program

The Aim Higher program began in 1989 as a tobacco, alcohol and other drug prevention program and citizenship program for Montana high school students.  The program has evolved over the years, and much of the focus for workshops now concentrates on leadership, mentoring, making correct choices and sportsmanship. 


Aim Higher Agenda

MHSA Handbook - Aim Higher

2015-16 Aim Higher Registration form

The cost of the workshop will continue to be $10 per participant. As was the case this year at the student workshops, we will be including a sportsmanship/citizenship component in our curriculum. This initiative has been a positive addition to the day. Dialogue on these topics is very positive and productive.

• Started in 1989 the Aim Higher program is the MHSA’s effort to prevent tobacco, alcohol and other drug use among our youth and to promote citizenship and positive sporting behavior.

• Over 120 workshops have been put on over the past 20 years in the state of Montana, and this program has effected more than 12000 students directly.


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